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Before choosing the mail365 hosting solution from where to trigger our e-mail bins , we ought to carefully assess our requirements and, on such basis as these, identify the provider that generally seems to satisfy them into the way that is best. But what are these needs? You won’t believe it, but customers that are many have met, in nearly two decades of career, are not able to respond to this question …

We come across underneath the primary aspects that a company must look into before selecting the web hosting provider to entrust their mailboxes that are precious

Wide range of containers that may be triggered

1st, apparent, cheap email hosting requirement would be to determine a site enabling you to definitely activate all the necessary boxes within the company structure. Some offers (especially the entry level packages sold together with the domain registration) provide for limits on the number of boxes that can be activated, therefore it is good to make sure, before buying, that we have the possibility to activate all the emails we need.

best email hosting

Mailbox capacity

Another essential factor is to properly evaluate the capacity cheap ssl certificate uk necessary for the proper functioning of our best email hosting company mailboxes. Activities that make extensive use of e-mail to send and receive attachments (such as, for example, lawyers, accountants, architectural firms, etc.) could, in fact, soon find themselves with clogged mail if they do not carefully evaluate the amount that is minimum of required for each mailbox. Within the opinion associated with 1Gb writer it represents the minimal convenience of an expert mailbox while, for anyone with unique needs, it is far better to choose for super-large 5Gb or maybe more mailboxes.

Limits on outgoing messages

a limit often imposed by hosting providers concerns the maximum number of e-mail messages that can be sent during a given period of time. Limits of this kind are imposed in order to discourage spammers, however, sometimes, they can cause some mishap even to those that legitimately use email. Before purchasing a contact hosting solution, consequently, its good to ensure about the existence or lack of these limits and, in that case, to evaluate their compatibility with your work needs.

Limitations on accessory sizes

Another restriction that should be considered issues the maximum weight of attachments that can be sent and / or received by e-mail. Also in this case it is good to pay attention to this value since, if too low, it could create quite a few setbacks for those who work in certain sectors and make use that is extensive of to send extremely heavy files and documents.

Creating aliases and automatic responders

A feature that is very needed in the commercial environment is the ability to handle, effortlessly and independently, alias boxes and responses that are automatic. These are two features that I would dare to define indispensable in the workplace, therefore it is good to make sure that the chosen email hosting service supports them adequately.

Collaboration tools

Another aspect to be taken into account throughout the pre-purchase phase concerns the presence, or not, of any collaboration tools integrated in the email hosting service. In fact, someĀ  companies may find it of good use and interesting to exploit tools such as for instance shared calendars, shared target books, instant messaging systems, etc. therefore it really is good to be sure of the accessibility or perhaps not in the package you want to purchase.

Those listed would be the primary aspects that each company or expert should simply take into due consideration before choosing an email-hosting service, however the important aspects for the purposes of the choice do not end here. We see, below, other interesting aspects to think about:

Migration tools

If you already have custom personal email hosting boxes and you are considering a migration it is very important to make sure that the new provider has adequate tools through which to automate the migration of the contents of the boxes from the old to the new supplier.

Safety and Backup

Taking care of of considerable value issues the security of mailboxes. If from this point of view we can take for granted the presence of Antivirus and Antispam systems, less trivial is the presence of an automatic backup system of mailboxes, a guarantee which I suggest not to give up.

DKIM authentication

An interesting feature, in order to optimize the delivery rates of the mails sent, consists in the possibility of generating a DKIM signature to be published within the DNS of our domain. In the opinion of the writer, although not essential, it is a rather important element to take into consideration during the pre-purchase phase.

GDPR Conformity

Finally, it really is practice that is good be sure that the service you are about to purchase is GDPR ready , or perhaps is compliant because of the dictates associated with new European privacy legislation concerning the protection and processing of individual information.

Hosting that is shared and deliverability: a sensitive issue

We said that the expression e-mail hosting describes a e-mail that is professional handled within a provided infrastructure: because it is “hosting”, in reality, our mailboxes will be managed along with thousands (or tens thousands) of other mailboxes with which the same system will likely be shared.

This sort of logic, needless to say, requires a considerable series of advantages (no system administration burden, reduced expenses) but, having said that, eventually ends up suffering some limitations including, most importantly, the possibility of having problems with message deliverability as a result of any internet protocol address blocking caused by wrong behavior (spam, phishing, etc.) by other users regarding the system.

For instance, if our mailboxes are hosted inside a mail host also used by a spammer, there will be the danger which our email messages will even end up being filtered by some anti-spam system, given that they come from a “suspicious” supply!

In order to avoid this from happening, numerous hosting providers impose limitations regarding the amount of per hour or daily mailings, but – albeit quite unusual – there are not any guarantees that circumstances of this sort cannot occur. It’s good to specify, in this regard, that issues with this kind:

they could only cause issues for outbound mail and not for incoming mail;

they can be solved fairly quickly through the constant tabs on mail flows by the web hosting provider in addition to, above all, through a intervention that is prompt the latter which, aware of the problem, activates it self to defuse the effects.

Fearing that this might happen (or it is possible to definitively resolve the situation by asking the provider to activate a dedicated SMTP , that is, an SMTP service with dedicated IP if it has already happened), however. It is good to point out that not all hosting providers offer this possibility for normal email hosting packages, however, if this is not possible, we can resort to an external SMTP service rather effortlessly, hence bypassing the issues of our mail provider.