What is SSL? What is it used for?Offer your customers a Secure website experience using the SSL Certificate.December 20, 2018SSL, which was normally encountered in banks and large institutions in the previous years, has been used by many websites in the past few decades. As SSL protects users’ information and personal information by encrypting themit ensures users are secure while surfing websites.

Which are SSL Certificates according to usage place? Transactions between the server and online browser prevents malicious use by third parties, has been constructed on a normal algorithm. With the SSL certificate which will be given to youpersonally, the https protocol will then be used at the beginning of the site you’ve got. This may mean that you’re presently offering a trusted service.

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Signed for just 1 domain name.

SSL which stands for • Social media applications available via social networking. All services to your customers Of the most effective ways of delivering the information that can be viewed in browsers, easy to use, and also desired to be reached, to consumers on the internet via user-oriented graphical interfaces. Using the widespread use of technologies and the internet in the world, web design has come to be quite crucial in terms of information sharing and increases its importance day by day. At this point, we provide web design and internet software we see as a goal, user friendly and solution-oriented, supplying constant added value, and providing easy access to the top ranks via the Google search engine, in which they can have a strong place in the digital environment. As Atamedya, we; In internet design, which raises its importance seriously and has a significant area concerning data sharing and communication; We have been serving our clients for 17 years together with our digital communication, advertising and specialized know-how, which we have had in the past to the present, together with our specialist staff. The services we have given for 17 years with our expert staff in web design;

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Accessible from all over the world

Certificate holder association sequential number and expiration date of the certificate • Public key of the certification holder Electronic signature of this certificate issuing establishment (ESHS (Digital Certificate Service Provider)

  • Web software • All Sorts of special software applications for all platforms that are desired • Google and Facebook Feature, you have to obtain an SSL certification. SSL certificates are often paid. However, your hosting company can give you a free SSL certificate. There are many websites where you can get an SSL certification. You can choose sites such as rapidssl, verisign, digicert which have global trust in SSL and therefore are highly favored. Although you’re getting SSL support, you ought to be very careful regarding the trust supplied by the business, the service it offers, and its own pricing.
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SSL, which encrypts All these are the Certification that allows all sub domains of this domain in which the certificate is utilized to be signed. Installation *. It is performed as siteadi.com. Wildcard SSL certificates don’t have a subdomain limit.

Certificates that allow several domains to be signed up using one certificate. It can be used for 3 domains at first purchase without any extra charge.

To use the SSL

  • SEO service that will enable you to reach the customers at the top • The name of the • A web design with modern graphic ports Hosting service where Domain Name and Software will be hosted on deliver A safe connection between the buyer and the website is aimed, thanks to this feature, which will be mandatory, especially in shopping websites. On sites with SSL certifications, features such as credit card information or password, identity data will never pass into the control of third parties. You must get an SSL certificate to offer you this secure site access to your customers.

SSL certificates On r y ou consulting and management. The entire world.

2018Web layout is just one 1) Standard SSL Certificates It’s the Kind of The Way to Have an SSL Certificate? What’s contained in the SSL Certificate? What’s SSL? 3) Wildcard SSL Certificates