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The current reality has brought us new perspectives with regard to fashion.

After all, spending more time at home, we chose to wear clothes that bring us more coziness, like dresses and blouses made of light fabrics. But did you know that it is possible to bring all this well-being into everyday life? Known as a comfy look, this look combines style with comfort and creates compositions for different contexts.

In this post, you can check out some inspirations that we prepared charizma online especially to take this new look to the pieces that until then only seemed appropriate at home. Come on?

Look comfy: get the dresses right

Of course, the dresses entered the top 1 in the tips on how to use the comfy look inside and outside the house. Being essential pieces in the women’s closet, the looser models are perfect for a look that makes you comfortable all day.

The best tip to rock this trend is to opt for dresses made with montreal viscose fabric . Nowadays you can find these pieces with godê modeling in midi length.

A reference in evangelical fashion, the Jany Pim brand has several options of comfy dresses capable of raising your level of elegance even indoors.

To compose the look, it is worth using shoes in neutral colors, such as beige and caramel. So, even if a task appears at the last minute, you will be prepared to leave the house without worrying about changing clothes.nishatlinen

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Blouses: comfortable and elegant look
A word that defines blouses very well is “versatility”. With its different models and prints, it is possible to create countless combinations , both to spend good moments at home, as well as for day-to-day commitments.

The light blouses made with viscolycra mesh are the true definitions of comfy look. These pieces have a perfect fit on the body and, in turn, the style is due to the prints.

To be inspired, it is worth checking out the catalog of Tatá Martello , which each year brings many news related to evangelical fashion, from sophisticated looks to those we love so much to spend the whole day.

As they are versatile, you can compose your look with the clothes you already have, such as denim skirt sobia nazir. At this moment, what matters is the feeling of well-being, so, regardless of the choice, the important thing is to feel at ease.

Skirt pants for physical activities

Increasingly on the rise, evangelical fitness fashion brings the most appropriate features to the look for training and physical activities. Shorts skirt is an example of this: it offers comfort and discretion to perform the correct movements when exercising.

Currently, it is possible to find pieces with a skirt in evasé modeling, which avoids marking on the hips, and high and wide waist . The skirt pants in the corsair model, produced with polyamide fabric, guarantee quick drying of perspiration.

That way, you have much more comfort while moving your body. What’s more, with its modern look, it is possible to use the item both indoors and for everyday tasks with the guarantee that it is well dressed.

In turn, if you prefer long pants, the Epulari brand also has different options in this style. Take the opportunity to check out his incredible suggestions and transform the comfy look into a lifestyle.

Pajamas: well-being and style indoors

To close the inspirations of comfy looks with a golden key, we brought some inspirations of pajamas with different models and prints to bring even more style to your moments at home.

After all, wearing loose and comfortable clothes at times when we most need to feel good is priceless. The Cloá brand, with its variety of pajamas, brings incredible pieces with varied prints every year, in addition to models such as high-waisted pants with cutouts and bias in the hem.

For the hottest days, it is worth wearing pajamas with a blouse and shorts set. Produced in polyester fabric , you have even more comfort to relax on the sofa with a cup of coffee. The style is due to the super fun prints that bring a stripped aspect to the piece.

Finally, know that the look comfy trend is here to stay!

The proof of that are all these inspirations that you can check out in this post. Comfortable clothes are increasingly present in our daily lives, and when combining style and sophistication, it is inevitable to compose the wardrobe with these beautiful proposals.

In addition, even though you spend more time at home, routine appointments do not stop, which is why it is so important to have several pieces available that are suitable for all times.

Now I want to make you an invitation: make a combination with comfortable pieces and tell your opinion here in the comments and on what occasion you used the look. Also, send this post to your friends who also don’t give up on their well-being and charm when dressing. See you later!