Keeping the information on the internet brings with it several important security measures. While hackers can access information in the data centers without permission, theft of information may cause data loss, and the physical security measures that are not sufficient and comply with the standards may cause undesirable results for your company.

The security of data centers is very important in terms of the professional use of corporate information technologies in today’s competitive environment. The integrity, accessibility, and security of the data are provided with uninterrupted security checks as well as administrative and technical measures. In this context, measures taken for colocation hosting security must comply with the colocation uk Information Security Standards. On the other hand, you should make sure that the uk colocation service provider you choose to work with is audited by both international certification auditors and local auditors.

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Here are the physical security measures that should be in a data center and are vital for your data security;

Predetermining Potential Threats

Physical threats can occur in two different ways. The first is hardware theft, and the other is the direct attack on the data center. A best email hosting provider should be able to identify in advance how these threats will be identified and assessed and take appropriate action in advance.

How Important Is Physical Security in Data Centers-Physical-Security-How-How-Important-Technotel-4-300×300 Data Centers?

How important is Physical Security in Data Centers?

Access Control Systems

The entrances and exits of a secure cheap email hosting must be monitored 24/7, both physically and digitally. Alternative secure access options such as PIN, fingerprint, biometric scanning, or card should be used at the data center entrance, in the office, or at the connection points. On the other hand, it is an important practice for the security of the data center to accompany the customers visiting the data center during their stay.

Central Location

Security in data centers should first be physically evaluated. One of the most critical issues of physical security is where the data center will be located. At this stage, it is necessary to make the necessary research and correct determinations on topics such as what the physical risks are and the future growth rate of the data center. Because the wrong location can lead to interruptions in the continuity of service, it can cause many material and moral losses. In addition to being easily accessible / centrally located, the data center must be far enough from the airport, power plants, earthquake fault lines, chemical plants, and other areas facing natural disasters.

How Important Is Physical Security in Data Centers-Physical-Security-How-How-Important-Technotel-4-300×300 Data Centers?

How important is Physical Security in Data Centers?

Procedure for Employed Employees

If an employee with secure access leaves your company, the access codes must be changed according to the procedure and all access information must be canceled. On the other hand, the security of your data needs to share these changes with the company from which you receive data center services to make necessary updates and measures in terms of who can access your data.


The physical security of data centers is also a matter of “compatibility”. Compliance with regulations such as data center operations management standards, information security standards, and data center infrastructure standards enables the preservation of information in a reliable environment. It will be in your company’s best interest to get the data center service from a professional data center operator since the monitoring and management of such arrangements will be both difficult and complex.

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