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The well-known browser email viewing platform, SquirrelMail, has been disabled.

The decision was made due to the fact that it has not been developed for over 7 years and no longer keeps up with new technologies.

Your email is safe
If you’ve been using SquirrelMail so far, don’t worry. Disabling it did not delete the emails from the server, they are still there.
When accessing the email using you will be redirected to an access panel using other webmail clients:

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Both variants are much more secure and stable than SquirrelMail.

Why did SquirrelMail give up?
For those who want to access email online, SquirrelMail was a popular alternative and always at hand, although during its existence it did not benefit from too many changes of appearance.

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Like any other open-source project or program, which has an active community of developers behind it, it diminishes as other projects become important.
The last SquirrelMail update was May 30, 2013, with the last release on July 12, 2011. In those seven years, 4 versions of PHP were overtaken by the new updates.

Switching to other webmail clients was the only viable solution for securing your emails.
We all know what a catastrophe it can be to lose the site in which money, dreams, time, part of us have been invested. You may never know when it’s okay to have a backup on hand: you might try something new, make a change, or upgrade. Before making a change, it is good to make sure you have a backup.
At Zooku, backups are made automatically every night, data that you can access whenever you want.

That’s why we have created tools for you to make your backup files available whenever you want, without having to resort to support.
Of course, we are happy to help you whenever you need it, but we thought it would be more useful to have instant access to the files you need.

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So, you have two possibilities:

Backup module
Enter the control panel -> Host administration, select the domain for which you want the archive and choose Backup .You will be directed to a new page.
Choose Download Backup from the top menu:

In the next step you will be able to choose backup for FTP (site files) or MySQL (databases).
Select the desired date and click Request .

It will take a few minutes, and for maximum efficiency we recommend that you request one backup at a time, and you will request the second one after the first one has been completed.

File Manager (beta)
For a quick download or modification of files, or an archiving of a file segment or folder, you can also use the File Manager. Even though it’s the beta version, it’s improved over the previous one, making it much more convenient to use.

Just log in to your account -> select the domain for which you want to upload or download files, choose FTP and then New File Manager (beta)

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How does it work?

The file manager allows you to archive, unzip, upload or download files. All you have to do is right-click on the desired folder and choose one of the options displayed:

With File Manager you now have quick access to files or folders, you will be able to make editing, uploading or downloading data from the server very easily, without the need to use an FTP client (FileZilla).
You need your FTP username and password and you are logged in hostinguk.

Simple, right?