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Whoever sees it from the outside thinks that the Christian woman cannot do this, cannot do that, and just stays at home.

The same happens when we talk about going to the gym: “ can a believer do gym? It’s not a sin? ”. Just to clarify: we can go to the beach and the gym, just keep in mind our principles: decency, modesty and discretion .

In today’s post, we came to bring some look tips for the evangelical woman to work khaadi out with ease, without attracting malicious glances or leaving aside comfort and flexibility. Are you curious to know how to dress to go to the gym ? So follow along: we have precious tips for you to take with you!

Christian woman at the gym

Dedication to physical exercise is increasingly common. People are realizing how important this is for health and also to give a visual upgrade.
Be it occupation with work, family or church, when we are up to date with physical activities, it becomes much easier to perform our duties with excellence.

However, there is a problem. Just pass in front of a gym or fitness store to notice that the clothes are getting smaller and smaller, leaving more parts of the body on display.

So when the evangelical woman develops the habit of working out, it is essential to maintain Christian values in dress, as we have in 1 Timothy 2.9: ” In the same way that women in decent attire, adorn themselves modestly and sensibly … ”.bonanza satrangi

The bible is clear. The decency is a virtue that we must preserve with love. But how to do this without having to leave your sweatshirt to cover everything?

Calm! That’s why we’re here!

It was thinking about that that we prepared some cool tips to help you when investing in evangelical fitness fashion without worry. Check out!

5 tips for choosing gym clothes
The evangelical fashion encompasses much more than moments of everyday life and special events. When we Christians go to the gym, we can also invest in our style! Taking care of the body and health is essential for our health, self-esteem and well-being, and doing it in an elegant and discreet way is essential.

We know that it is not an easy task. After all, it’s not just about decency, choosing the ideal outfit for the gym is essential to have good performance and comfort during training.

So, here are some points to keep in mind when deciding on your workout look . We women want to be well dressed, yes, but the quality of the fabric and the flexibility it transmits are very important factors!
Come on…

1. Opt for more flexible fabrics

When we talk about physical exercises, we have to remember that comfort to move is essential. Whether to do zumba, pilates, or use any type of device, body mobility should be practical and hassle free.

Opting for a skirt shorts or skirt skirt , for example, will help a lot in your activities. Especially if it is made of polyamide with elastane, because in addition to the softness, excellent sweat absorption and quick drying, the fabric suits the body very well and provides enough flexibility for any exercise.

post blog look fashion fitness evangelica flexible parts

2. Choose quality fabrics
The clothes to the gym is not a piece to be used once a month – or at least should not (be persevering, create the habit is the secret!). In view of this, it is important to invest in a quality look, with the guarantee that two, three or four weeks ahead, the blouse will not be all frayed and the pants full of polka dots.

Prefer resistant fabrics , even if they are a little more expensive. Quality is essential for you to perform well, in addition to helping with the decency of your clothing.

There are materials that, as we move, become transparent and, over time, khaadi summer sale become thin and stretched. And there is no way, you need to replace the part.

look fashion fitness evangelica quality pieces

3. Wear looks that cover your butt

And not just the butt! That crow’s foot mark on the front is a problem for most women who wear leggings. So, here’s the tip: bet on a look that has a skirt on top !

The great difficulty for the evangelical female audience is that the “ tapa bum bum ” available on the market are usually tiny and almost do not cover anything.

For that, there are brands of evangelical fitness clothes that already have pants and shorts with the skirt in an appropriate length, making us no longer have excuses for not leaving comfort and taking care of our health.

gym looks that cover the butt for evangelical women

4. Prefer parts that are versatile
There are rare cases that we go from home to the gym and from the gym to home. We constantly have to go to other places along the way, such as bakery, children’s school, market, in short … In those moments, it’s not cool to wear that old, worn-out T-shirt, do you agree?

So, choose trendy pieces that leave you well dressed even when you are sweaty. There are so many fitness kits that can be used on a daily basis.

And you will see that it is not at all difficult to make combinations. Invest in neutral colors, like black, white and gray, and create super versatile and beautiful looks !