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Snow clothing: Doudoune jacket

Here we follow the premise of the previous item, but the piece comes in the doudoune model. Ideal for those who want the comfort and protection of the doudoune, but love a beautiful jacket. Discover our options:

Snow clothing: Winter Explorer jacket
Case for intense coldMen’s cold jacket

The Winter Explorer jacket is our most suitable garment for the intense cold with snow, as it is waterproof.

It is our most complete option and heats up to -15 ° C in the cold. A dream!

This piece was developed especially for travelers who love to bring practicality and comfort in the cold suitcase. The Winter Explorer Jacket was made for you to explore the warm world. It is our best option of third layer and the most complete for those who will face intense temperatures with or without snow. This does not mean that you necessarily need waterproof clothing. In some situations it is indeed essential, but in others it is an added comfort. And who doesn’t want to be comfortable?

It can be used in 3 different ways, as it has 2 jackets attached (each jacket can be used separately, or both together!). The outer jacket is windproof and 100% waterproof, and the seam is sealed to completely prevent water from entering (remember that the wind greatly reduces the thermal sensation, and this is an important protection).khaadi summer sale

The inner jacket is thermal and breathable, excellent for heating and great for using the piece separately in mild temperatures khaadi.

Snow clothing: Cold pants

For intense cold, as is the case in destinations where there is snow, we recommend that you use threads that are not porous, as is the case with acrylic, natural wool and polyester. Cotton is a porous thread that lets moisture and wind through, so we do not recommend the use of pants made with this material. Understand why not all pants are indicated for winter with the tips of Mamute Júlia Evangelista, one of the founders of Oficina de Inverno, in this series of stories .

Winter legging pants

Made with 80% acrylic, 17% polyester and 3% elastane, the winter legging pants are an excellent option to wear on snowy days. It heats up to -5 ° C using the thermal pants together! For those who will face even lower temperatures, a third layer should be added.

The Legging Tricot Invernada has a tight and comfortable modeling to use on cold winter days. The knitting leggings are iconic in the winter, they are classic models and an essential piece to have in the cold wardrobe, they are timeless and super versatile models.

The Blizzard Legging Pants have a thick and smooth mesh on the outer fabric, and on the inside of the fabric they have a plush that keeps your body warm, in addition to being extremely soft. The fabric has a closed weave, passing less wind than the knitting. Because it is very flexible, leggings become super comfortable for your trip, especially if you are planning to walk a lot. The composition is 87% polyester and 13% elastane.

Snow clothing: Winter Explorer boot

Winter Workshop: Snow Clothing

The Winter Explorer Line has pieces designed for those who want to explore the intense cold, snow, rain, and still be well protected. The Winter Explorer Boot is comfortable for walking in the winter, and its main differential is water resistance due to its water-repellent material. It is a plush model with synthetic wool (on the sides) inside that makes your feet even more warm;

The casual model has a military origin and today is a trend, it is an ideal shoe for the cold due to its comfort and adventurous style, it is an alternative for those who want to leave the traditional. To use together with the boot, don’t forget the warmest winter accessories: the Super Snow thermal sock and the wool insoles. This trio will keep your feet super warm on your adventures out there!

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The metropolis that won the post of one of the largest and most famous in the world is quite a travel destination! And you can count on a lot of snow this winter, so don’t forget to protect yourself well, huh?

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We were born in the tropical country eager to enjoy the winter. That was why we were bothered by the difficulty in finding beautiful clothes (nothing reminiscent of snowmen and mountaineering, please!) And effective (only the cute one doesn’t satisfy …), to face the cold on any day of the year. We accept the challenge: in some city in the world the temperature is freezing, and that is where we are prepared to embark! We have 5 years of history and we have built a close partnership with our customers, which we affectionately call Mammoth Travelers.

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