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How to innovate in looksDid you lack money or imagination when it came to innovating your look?

See our tips!
Sometimes you have to know how to reinvent yourself. And that doesn’t mean throwing it all away or starting from scratch. It means doing the best with what you have in hand, taking new paths, having new ideas, daring. It is the same with the way you dress. It is possible to innovate in the look without having to renew your entire wardrobe. See our tips!

Tips to innovate in looks
Now it’s time to give up pre-conceived ideas and allow yourself to dare. Take the time to get to khaadi online know your style better, understand if you are satisfied with it and let your imagination flow.

You may find your clothes too serious and want to be more stripped down, or you need to look better at work.

Innovating is the keyword! But how? Take a good look at your pieces and see how you could put the following tips into practice!

How to innovate in looks: model wearing a denim jacket
1 – Invest in overlays
The easiest way to innovate the look is to make overlays using pieces you already have.

Try putting on a jacket or jeans vest with a printed dress, for example.
On cold days, the same dress can be used with thick tights to warm up in style.
Have you tried putting a tank top over a dress shirt?
That destroyed jeans of yours will get a new look if worn with fishnet stockings underneath. The combinations are countless!
How to innovate in looks: model wearing a tank top over a dress shirt.
2 – Bet on folds and ties
Folding the sleeve of a dress shirt can make it look more stripped down. It can be a way to change the work look a bit when it comes to happy hour without having to change clothes.

Straight, traditional jeans take on a youthful look with just a fold in the hem!

Shirts, t-shirts and even skirts can be tied in style! A small knot on the side of the piece will make all the difference.

How to innovate in looks: model wearing a knitted blouse with tie.
3 – Mix trends
Bags do not have to match shoes and belts. Different fabrics can be used to give an air of novelty to the piece that is standing in the wardrobe.

When you’re sure to mix trends, mix colors and prints as well. For example: a leopard top, which color do you think matches? You may have thought in black, but read our post: Jaguar print matches what color and surprise yourself!

How to innovate in looks: model wearing a leopard top with cream pants.
4 – Adopt the retro
The retro fashion value trends of the past with a present touch. One of the ways to innovate in your look is to bring pieces from “the old days” to today’s clothes. The flare pants , a plaid shirt, a fanny pack and overalls are some examples!

5 – Choose your accessories
The right accessory is able to give a new look to an old outfit.

A maxi necklace will enhance a simple neckline, while a delicate necklace will be the balance point for a more loaded mariab combination.
Bracelets, watches and rings will give shine and movement to bare hands and arms.
Tiaras and diadems can be used to enhance a simple hairstyle or disguise that day when the hair doesn’t look the way you want it to.
Belts will make a great mark on that outfit that you usually wear looser.
How to innovate in looks: model wearing a leopard top with maxi necklace.
6 – Master the high-low
High-low, also called hi-lo, is a technique in which you mix pieces of different styles and values ​​to find a unique combination.

Use the luxury and the basics at the same time!

An expensive dress, for example, can be worn with sneakers. Sequin pieces and jeans go super well! A formal blazer goes perfectly with a stripped t-shirt.

See other ways to make combinations with the blazer!

How to innovate in looks: model with a high low style.
7 – Use scarves
A simple way to give another look to a look is the use of scarves. In the hair, it makes the bun more romantic, imitates a tiara, can be part of a braid and be used as a turban.

On the wrist, it turns into a bracelet. At the waist, it makes the jeans even more cool and the dress with a mark at the height you want.