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Thermal clothing for intense cold

Make no mistake: it is not any thermal clothing that will guarantee your heating in the intense cold. The function of thermal clothing is to maintain the body’s natural heat, preventing loss to the external environment. So, what is the use of buying a thermal that does not fulfill its real objective? It doesn’t make much sense, does it? So choose thermal clothing for intense cold that will really protect you from the cold, even the most extreme. And this thermal suit has a name and address: Super Thermal of the Winter Workshop !

Thermal clothing for intense cold: Super Térmica is the model developed for cold below 5 ° C and is an exclusive line of the Winter Workshop

As experts in cold clothing, we know the difference it makes to choose the right thermal clothing. For example: we offer another thermal option, from the Basics line, but it is not suitable for the extreme cold of Alaska, for example. That’s because the properties of it allows protection in milder temperatures.

Therefore, we developed the Super Thermal, which is our thermal clothing for intense cold.

If you are going to travel during the fall or winter to places where the cold is below 8 ° C, then this is necessarily the one you should choose to be really safe. Sometimes or a customer more resistant to cold opts for Basics, but we always warn that it is a risky decision.

Super Thermal can be used up to -30 ° C, changing only the layers you will use over the thermal. The model is available in women’s, men’s and children’s versions, from P to Plus Size. The main differential of Super Térmica – as well as Basics – is the internal plush fabric, which promotes greater retention of body heat. Are we going to know the advantages of our thermal clothing for intense cold, the Super frock design Thermal?

1. Technological fabric

Mammoth Júlia Evangelista explained, in this video, that the Super Thermal is our best thermal and one of the reasons for this is the striped fabric. “This blast controls sweat and breathability. The breathability will allow you to not suffocate in places with a heater and the control of sweat will cause the sweat to come to the outer layer of the thermal, keeping the inner layer dry ”, he explained.

To demonstrate this wonderful property of Super Térmica, Mamute took the test of sweat control and you can check it in our highlights.

In addition, you can use Super Thermal for up to 7 days without washing. This is because the technological fabric has silver nanoparticles that hinder the proliferation of bacteria.

2. Flat stitching

Super Thermal flat stitching
Thermal clothing for intense cold: see, in detail, the flat stitching of Super Thermal clothing. It makes all the difference!

As the Super Thermal is in direct contact with the body and will receive other layers of clothing on top, it is necessary that it be as comfortable as possible! We are travelers too and we understand that a lot. It was for this reason that we opted for a flat seam in our Super Thermal. With that extra care, you will have the same feeling of using a second seamless skin.

3. Reinforced wrist

This differential is super important too: with the cuffs that prevent air from entering the blouse and Super Thermal pants, you have the guarantee that the cold will not come into contact with the body.

4. Slim modeling

The fourth advantage in acquiring Super Térmica is slim modeling. It is this differential that ensures that you will not become a snowman when wearing layers of clothing. Due to its slim thickness, the Super Thermal is practically imperceptible. It also ensures that you will have complete flexibility of movement and will not be uncomfortable.

As you can see, our differentials stand out in the market and we can say without fear of making mistakes: Super Thermal is the best thermal clothing for intense cold.

You can find Super Térmica on our website at or in physical stores in Goiânia, Recife, Fortaleza and Teresina.

Thermal clothing for intense cold

The importance of wearing layers of clothing

Have you heard that layers of clothing should be used in layers? And that these layers must follow a specific order? Yeah! Many people are unaware of this concept and end up getting cold at the destination, even with the right pieces in their suitcase.

This is because, in the case of thermal clothing for example, which is the first layer, you cannot use another clothing underneath. When doing this, the thermal is not in direct contact with the body, hindering it from exercising its function. The purpose of wearing thermal clothing, as we said earlier, is to prevent loss of body heat. To do this, it needs to be “glued” to the body. So it is also known as second skin.

The same happens with the other layers. The coat, which has the function of preventing the entry of wind, cold and humidity, should be the third and last layer to be worn. With this, you will guarantee full protection and will not be uncomfortable on the trip. Too much, right?nishat linen

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