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How to dress when the company does not have a dress code

Some companies have absolutely clear rules on how their employees should dress. This is the case with law firms and banks, for example. But what does corporate etiquette say when there is no dress code to be followed? Hard to know. There are companies that accept t-shirts and jeans very well, while others appreciate formality despite not registering this in a document.

How to know what to wear on your first day at this company without clear rules? Here are some tips.

It’s the easiest and safest way to find out how you should dress in your new job. After closing the contract, raise the matter with HR personnel, your future boss or a colleague. Much better than arriving on the first day poorly dressed or in too formal a dress for the environment.

Pay attention to how your direct manager dresses –

you can see that already in the interview. And, if he comes in a suit every day, a sign that the company is stuck in more formal clothes.

Company culture can tell you a lot about how your employees are expected to dress. If the company values ​​creativity and collaboration between different hierarchical levels, it will hit whoever is going to work more casually.

Comfort is key. Calm down, we’re not telling you to pick up that worn sweatshirt and bonanza satrangi  go to the office. But, when choosing clothes, take into account the pieces that allow you to sit and get up without having to adjust the length, the sleeves that allow freedom of movement and the shirts that do not show the belly when you stretch to get something.


January 24, 2017
Living in a tropical country has its pros and cons. Having that powerful sun on almost every day of summer inspires a lot of positivity and helps to keep the peak high.

However, especially for men, when it comes to dressing , you need to know how to handle the wave to keep yourself minimally stylish and still ensure that the heat will not make you melt throughout the day!


This combo can yield a very modern look. You only need to pay attention to the type of shirt, which should be more adjusted (but not tight!). Fold up your sleeves and prefer cotton or linen shirts to keep from dying from the heat. For the ensemble to be really harmonious, the shorts or shorts should preferably be above the knee and also have a more adjusted model. It is worth noting: wide shorts, in this case, they will not decorate at all!

Social shirt “over the top” + jeans
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Not every day is extremely hot. There will be cooler days when you can wear a casual dress shirt overlay over a shirt. If the time really gets hot, just take it. Anyway, in order not to sweat, prefer cotton or linen dress shirts. Likewise, in order not to sin by exaggeration, avoid wearing T-shirts with drawn, abstract or very colorful prints. This will leave you drawing a lot of attention, just the wrong way. Also prefer basic trousers, in neutral tones, and put aside jeans with washes, rips or elements that cause a lot of contrast.