Unanimity is certain: the denim skirt is the most present garment in the closets of every evangelical woman.

And it could not be otherwise: today there are already several models, trim cuts and lengths that are perfectly suited to the needs of the evangelical woman – midi models, for example, are already true classics!

By the way, do you know how to wear midi jeans ? There are no secrets, after all, the model is super versatile, democratic and combines with practically all styles and biotypes – the golden tip is to bet on the right models for each type of occasion and create harmonious and complementary combinations.

Yes, we know: there are still many doubts surrounding the use of the denim skirt (and also the midi skirt) – has the fabric fallen out of use or is it still firm among timeless fashion trends?

The answer you find below, in addition to incredible tips that Via separated for you to put together feminine, elegant and sophisticated looks, whatever the time of day or occasion! Are you curious? Follow the reading to learn more:

Denim skirt: past or present?

As promised, here is the answer: jeans remain a super usable fabric when it comes to fashion, especially Christian women fashion. This is because the fabric, in addition to being beautiful, resistant and versatile, also enables a huge variety of model constructions, trim and even textures.

The new trends in the fashion scene have increasingly bet on the jeans revolution through pieces that combine all modernity with the classic touch of  nishat fabric. The midi jeans skirt is the perfect example of this: beautiful, modern, stylish with the imposing air of nishat someone who was born classic!sapphire online

So, know that jeans will continue for a long time to be a universal, timeless and democratic fabric – and we can only be thankful for that and for the increasingly charming looks that it allows us to create!

But what about the midi jeans?

How to assemble the perfect look with this distinctive piece? Follow our tips:

past or present jeans skirt post

That the midi length is perfect, we all already know. Now, did you know that it looks even better in denim skirts? That’s right, the midi jeans skirt mixes all the practicality and uniqueness of the midi with everything good that the traditional jeans skirt offers.

In fact, how about knowing everything about midi skirts? We already talked about it here on the blog, in the post “ How to wear midi skirt? Models and combinations of looks! ”Be sure to check it out after reading this post ..

Going back to jeans, the advantages of the outfit include the possibility of working with different washes and shades of colors. Thus, for example, a lighter wash is perfect in the looks for day to day and morning / evening events, while the darker ones have a casual footprint, ideal for night and work occasions.

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Finishes that make a difference
Not only washing is a differential in midi jeans, but also the applications: buttons, patchwork, finishes, blends of fabrics … all this brings fashion information to the visual, adding elements that stand out in the composition of the skirt.

The buttons, for example, can be single and multiple, in different directions and positions on the skirt. A tip for putting on fun looks is to bet on the multiple side buttons , which create texture and movement to the jeans fabric, which is usually less malleable.

Likewise, front buttons make all the difference in the visual composition, as they refer to the old classics, which is ideal for women who like the vintage style . To modernize the look, it is worth finishing the arrangement with a plain shirt or sleeved blouse , depending on the weather on the day.

Patches – those embroidered applications – are other elements that stand out, precisely for bringing joviality and modernity to the piece. The tip is valuable for teenagers who want to get rid of the idea that “going out is straight.”

Christian fashion is multiple and fits all tastes!

post finishes that make a difference

Tight or loose? What is the best midi jeans?
As you already know, in addition to length, the types of midi skirt are different in their cuts, trim and body modeling. This may raise the question: so what is the ideal midi jeans model ?

The operating rules of fashion also apply to the context of the jeans skirt: what determines the type of look is the occasion ! In such cases, the use of both loose and tight skirts is allowed, provided that the model respects the principles of Christian modesty.

The longest evasé model , for example, oozes versatility and comfort, being highly recommended for almost any occasion – work, walks, trips to worship, even the party look is complete with a denim evasé and a blouse of noble fabric.

The only precaution is for the short ones: be careful with very long skirts is not enough, ok? In case of doubts, we already talked about midi skirt for short girls here on the blog.

In relation to the tighter models, of the bell and pencil type, the very modeling of the piece is responsible for bringing the touch of femininity essential to our looks. It can be used in environments that require more tidy and casual looks.

The tip is to be careful with the markings and finish off the look with a belt, for a more delicate and feminine silhouette!

And, speaking of submissions, think very carefully about shoes and accessories , after all they also make all the difference.

The midi jeans skirt goes very well with pumps, heeled sandals, wedges, flatforms and even sneakers! As you can see, the choice of shoes follows the same principle of observing the type of event, the degree of formality and the period of the day when it will be held.

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