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Those who follow women’s fashion know that it is constantly gaining new faces and reinventing itself. After experiencing spring fashion and all its charms up close, it’s time to focus on summer trends for 2020 to start the year in style.

This year’s summer starts in December and, more than just going to the beach, we should take advantage of this delicious season to wear our fresh and lively looks .

For being warm and providing joy and lightness, summer ends up becoming the favorite time of year for many people.

At that time, there is more willingness to travel, walk and do everything you feel like.

It is a season that causes happiness, subtlety and a lot of energy for everyday life. Ah if you are planning to go to the beach, check out the post “ Looks to wear on the beach in a discreet way ”.

Evangelical fashion 2020: trends for the summer nishat linen
The trends of evangelical fashion is basically an adaptation of fashion fashion. They are shaped in a way that intercepts with the catwalk trends, but with a plus: our clothes have a touch of discretion, elegance and modesty – characteristics that we do not dispense in a look.

In today’s post, you will know the main trends for summer 2020 , which will provide you with amazing looks. There is so much beautiful option that it will be difficult to choose which one to use first. Are you ready?

Come on!

What will be fashionable this summer

If you love news, get ready: you are about to see your new looks I want! Look at the main trends:

1. Linen clothing
You may have already seen, in the windows, that linen is dominating the looks, right? This fabric has a naturalistic and rustic mood that is simply the face of summer! As an additional feature, it has a sustainable footprint, as it is natural and organic.

It is made of natural fiber, which causes a structured look to the piece, but it is light, fresh and super comfortable . It is a material that lets the skin breathe and at the same time is chic.

Another good news is that this fabric has been adopted in several clothes, especially in skirts, dresses and sets.

The linen midi skirt is the biggest trend of the season, especially those that have buttons or ties – details that last from the previous season.

look fashion evangelica trend summer linen blog

2. Transparent sandal
For lovers of discreet items, the transparent shoes are there! They already shyly showed up last summer, but this year they came with everything.

The idea of ​​footwear is to match everything, since it has an “invisible” footprint. Thus, it is seen as a super versatile piece , which goes well with several looks and, in addition, provides a cool style to summer production.

The bet of the moment is the gisele sandal with transparent strap . Put this model on your next purchase, as it goes with just about everything. As in summer the clothes are more colorful, nothing better than a multifunctional shoe, do you agree?

3. Midi skirt
An excellent news for lovers of midi skirts is that they are even stronger this season. This length is charming, as it is full of femininity and elegance. Therefore, it presents itself as the ideal piece when it comes to sophistication.

More than that, the midi skirt is modern and versatile and opens up several possibilities for combinations: you can wear it with heels or sneakers, everything will depend on the occasion.

The main models of midi skirt are: pencil skirt, skirt with front buttons and skirt with tie.

You probably have seen one of these through the city’s windows. Be sure to purchase yours!

look fashion evangelica trend skirt midi dress blog

4. Straw bag
The straw bag was always present in previous summers, but it was only used to go to the beach … Today, fashion has revolutionized and it can be seen on the streets, in shopping malls, at parties and is booming among fashionistas and influencers.

They have the face of the hottest time of the year because they are natural and have a khaadi sale coastal mood. Try combining them with casual and tidy looks

5. Puffing sleeve
Do you know that sleeve that refers to the princesses of fairy tales? That’s the puffing mango !

Her design conveys romance and a lot of lightness to the look, not to mention that it is a strong trend for 2020 . This piece is worth giving a try!