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The importance of dressing in layers in the cold

Many of our readers speak to us here on the blog or Instagram with any questions about what to pack in order to keep warm. Or, how to assemble a compact suitcase without going cold. There are many doubts about the correct composition of winter looks. To answer these questions, we cannot fail to speak of the need to dress in layers in the cold.

Since the beginning of the Winter Workshop, we have talked about this and advised clients who visit the igloo. Luiz Henrique Machado, an exchange student who lives in Portugal, talked to us and talked about the extreme importance of thermal clothing – a kind of second skin, the main layer of protection in winter – to be well protected in the cold seasons. Many people are enchanted by the beautiful jackets and coats or the cardigans and accessories, and end up not paying attention to this important part of the cold clothing responsible for the thermal insulation. Or, it happens a lot too, many people are unaware of this golden rule of travel saving.

But why is it so important to dress in layers in the cold ? It is not difficult to understand. It is a kind of step by step where each step complements and improves the work of the previous step to arrive at the most desired result: do not go cold!

Dressing in layers in the cold: thermal clothing

Thermal clothing is ESSENTIAL to protect yourself in the cold nishat linen online

From the simplest to the most complex things in your day you need planning, don’t you? For school, work, a trip, a party … It’s no different when it comes to winter clothing. Think of using the first layer, that of thermal clothing , as a “preparation” for the other layers and pieces chosen by you.

Heating must occur from the inside out, since the body heat can and must be used to prevent the temperature of the environment – sometimes freezing! – be felt. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in jackets and accessories without forgetting thermal clothing . Otherwise, all the time to choose and money invested in a beautiful and cozy coat will be in vain.

In addition, with a good thermal suit you can save space in the suitcase, as it alone provides a good part of the heating needed to face low temperatures. For complete protection, use thermal clothing combined with thermal socks and gloves .

What are the best yarns and fabrics for wintermariab

Dress in layers in the cold: knit blouse

The knit blouse reinforces the protection of thermal clothing and adds style to your look

After this “preparation”, which is nothing more than the first layer of clothing, you will now go to the second layer. Here you will ensure that the work done by the first layer is reinforced. The ideal is to use long sleeve pieces produced with acrylic  nishat linen online fabric, wool or cashmere. Choices should be guided by the temperature of your travel destination and should not make you very sweaty. Sweat tends to reduce body temperature.

In the case of pants, no jeans!

This is a porous fabric and therefore allows the entry of wind and cold, everything we do not want. Opt for acrylic pants , velvet, or thick fabric with strech.

To reinforce thermal socks and gloves – and if the local temperature calls for this reinforcement – use gloves and socks made of wool or acrylic, such as the Monaco Glove .

Dress in layers in the cold: coats, scarves and boots

To face the snow and the strong winds you have to complement the look with the third layer of clothing mariab.

Finally, the third layer will protect you from external factors other than cold, such as wind and humidity. This layer makes it difficult for cold to enter the body and, therefore, it must work together with the first layers, which retain body heat. No wonder, it is the first that comes to mind when we think of clothes for the cold – those big, warm coats! Here you will complete the journey of the three layers, with coat (or jacket) , boot – reinforced with wool insoles -, scarf and hat .