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When it comes to gardeners or pickles , there is no woman who can resist:

the piece is versatile, practical and perfect for composing uncomplicated looks. But do you know exactly what it is and how to use the planter to compose stunning productions?

In today’s post, we will bring tips and suggestions for looks for you to use with your gardener and add a lot of charm to the look, with a lot of discretion, subtlety and modernity. So, follow along and learn the best way to use this amazing piece!

What is gardener in women’s fashion

Many people have seen it, want to buy one, but still don’t know exactly what it is. However, having doubts about what a gardener is is quite common, especially since there are so many pieces of clothing similar to her in the fashion market.

The main question is “ what is the difference between gardener and salopete ”. The truth is that both have the same meaning in this context, but in general they have a different meaning.

The traditional gardener is that model with pants that was created a long time ago for men of that time to wear durable clothes, with more comfort and practicality to work.

Over time, she gained new versions, with modeling of shorts or skirts, for example, taking the place of classic long pants. Therefore, the planter with a skirt is a version of the traditional piece, it did not originate in this modeling.

For us Christian women, it is obvious that the gardener we refer to is finished in a skirt; but many people imagine the classic model when it comes to the subject. So if you are not looking for an evangelical fashion store , you will need to specify that you want a bib skirt.

With the term “ salopete ”, on the other hand, this does not happen. This is the name nishat linen online given by fashionistas to the planter that ends in a skirt, so it can be used as a synonym for this piece.

How to wear a female gardener – look suggestions

The biggest advantage of the salopete, or gardener skirt, is its versatility. It is a wild card , which accepts different combinations and contexts very easily.

The flexibility is almost the same as a dress , with one difference: with the salopete, it is mandatory to use a blouse underneath to complete the look, after all, it is a skirt with straps. But remember: the blouse is just a base: the main star is the bib.

This is perfect, as it allows for varied constructions of looks, from the most stripped down to casual chic – all with the hint of unpretentiousness that the piece provides.

But let’s stop wrapping and check out at once the amazing looks that are possible to compose using the salopete in different fabrics and models:

1. Striped Denim Overalls + Plain or printed T-shirt with writing + Heelsrang rasiya
If you are looking for a youthful and charming look, this may be the best option. As the planter has stripes, it is ideal to choose a basic t-shirt with no prints or a t-shirt with prints only for writing, so as not to pollute the look with too much information.

For those days when you want to give an up, it is worth joining the jump of the color of the blouse, to balance the production.

denim bib striped t-shirt plain or printed with written heel blog post

2. Denim Skirt + Blouse + Heels
This combination is just incredible! Christian women love a jeans look , and this may be the bonanza satrangi best alternative for those days when we want to dress with a cool trend without leaving aside elegance.

You can choose a smooth blouse with a more elaborate mood, as is the case with the satin blouse. On the feet, bet on a nude heel to harmonize.

blog post gardener jeans skirt blouse heels

3. Denim Skirt + T-shirt + Sneakers
You know that denim bib from the previous look? It is possible to take advantage of it for new proposals. If you want a more stripped-down combination, it is worth exchanging the blouse for a t-shirt and the heels for a modern sneaker.

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Thus, it will be possible to bring a casual and disconnected approach!

blog post gardener jeans skirt t shirt tennis

4. Overalls + shirt + heels
To create a fashionista look, it is also worth betting on the shirt together with the bib. The harmonization results in a stylish and sophisticated look , even more when the sleeve has a different design, as is the case of the flare sleeve or wide sleeve.

It is also worth betting on the transparency of the sleeve in refined fabrics to make the look even more interesting and elegant.

blog post bib shirt heel

This look is simply a charm!

It is delicate, youthful, and can very well build looks with various approaches.

You can play with your shoes any way you like. Do you prefer a chic and stripped-down look? Then bet on black heels, nude or the color of stripes. Or do you want a carefree and comfy composition ? There, it is worth investing in a sneaker, to close with a flourish.

These are just a few examples of looks that can be composed with the salopete. They’re incredible, aren’t they? Remember that modeling is your preference. Evangelical fashion offers planters and saucers with practically all skirt models : godê, pencil, evasê, straight… In short, there are many options for you to compose the perfect look.