Opening an affiliate program to promote the products and services of a website or online store is an action that is often forgotten within a digital strategy. And it is an error, mainly due to ignorance towards the issue of affiliate marketing, since it is an advertising type to promote its products and services without anticipating the advertising investment, but paying only for the results that have taken place.

To give a clear example to everyone: if you advertise with Google or Facebook, you will pay substantially with every click you receive from users on advertising links, regardless of whether these users actually become your customers or not. Instead with an affiliate marketing strategy, other sites or social channels will spread your site (your products and services) and take a%, or a commission that you will establish, only in the case of sale or subscription to a service or request information – you will determine what the goal is to achieve.

Affiliations are a particularly effective form of advertising because they allow you to take advantage of the traffic of other websites or social pages, in exchange for even a minimal sharing of earnings (you decide the amount). You will be able to measure precisely which users are generating results for your business, thanks to the tracking provided by the affiliate software available online (which we analyze in this article).

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0.1 The best tools to open an affiliate program

1 Promote a website through Affiliate Marketing: 3 main ways

1.1 1. Affiliate program customized with existing platforms / plugins

1.2 The best platforms for developing Affiliate programs

1.3 2. Do-it-yourself development of an Affiliate program

1.4 3. Inclusion of the program in existing affiliate networks

The best tools to open an affiliate program


Custom Affiliate Program with existing plugin platformsCustomized program : ReferralCandy – Viral Loops – AffiliationSoftware – AffiliateWP. With these online programs you prepare your own personalized campaign and you can integrate it with your site.

Inclusion of the program in existing affiliate networksExisting networks : Shareasale – Awin – TradeDoubler. By joining these existing networks, you can open your affiliate marketing campaign and show your program to all users already registered with these networks.

In short, you can see it almost as a “free advertising” : you pay only if you get tangible results.

Not to mention the advantage also on the link building side, not to be underestimated.

affiliations scheme companies ecommerce sites

A scheme that represents the traffic advantage of visits and earnings deriving from the contribution of an affiliate campaign.

We have already talked about Affiliate Marketing – a very little known and extremely fascinating topic – but always from the point of view of the profit for the user or blogger ( here the article ). Today, however, we put ourselves in the shoes of the company (which sells services or products; ideally an e-commerce but not only!): How can you create an affiliate marketing program for your company? Below is our analysis.

Promote a website through Affiliate Marketing: 3 main ways

From our experience, there are 3 ways that a company has to open and make its own affiliate program available online:

Develop a customized program using existing platforms or plugins.

Develop your own program in a totally personalized way, without the use of third party software.

Open one or more affiliate campaigns in the main affiliate networks.

Let’s see them in detail.

1. Affiliate program customized with existing platforms / plugins

Custom Affiliate Program with existing plugin platformsIn my opinion, this method is the most effective, as a final result. Not even who knows what technical expertise is required, based on existing software and plugins (including WordPress), which provide a “ready” system to assign each user – automatically – an affiliate link and to track the results of the affiliates.

The best platforms to develop affiliate programs


ViralLoops ( (plugin for WordPress)

In general, these solutions allow you to manage all phases of the affiliate campaign:


program set-up and integration with your site or e-commerce;

definition of the objectives to be achieved by users;

definition of the value of the commissions to be paid to users;

duration of the cookie (in short: for how many days it is worth assigning the result achieved to the affiliate)

Affiliate management

collection of requests to join the affiliate program;

manual or automatic acceptance of requests;

provision of an automatic system for assigning affiliate links;

tracking of results obtained by affiliate users;

check on payments made or not.

Promotion of the affiliate program

creation / dissemination of creativity, affiliate links and landing pages with different templates;

customizable confirmation emails (in reference to automatic emails with which to manage the different phases of affiliation with users);


Real-time visualization of the results obtained by each user;

Export of statistics to CSV.

In addition to personalized assistance, APIs and various integrations with your site.