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Be it autumn or winter, in the mild, moderate or intense cold, wearing clothing and accessories appropriate to the temperature is essential. When temperatures reach a scale close to 0ºC (or even negative), the use of a leather glove is a first-time ally. That’s because the ends of the body suffer more from low temperatures. Monaco gloves are ideal for use in places where the cold is moderate or intense.

The Monaco Winter Workshop Line is dedicated to leather gloves, in different models: Caroline, Pauline, Grace, Albert and Rainier. All the pieces are produced with kid (which is the smooth leather of the goat), but they have different details, meeting different tastes and needs. This is a more noble, thin and very soft material. The raw material was carefully chosen and is quite resistant.

Leather is ideal for preventing the contact of the wind with the skin (we call this feature here in Igloo “windbreaker”), but it does not heat up. With that in mind, our leather gloves have thermal fleece. So, when using one of the pieces of the Monaco Line, you have a double layer to protect from the cold and winds.

At what temperature to use, using the glove alone.

– Below 0ºC, using with the Thermal Glove (or in case of thermal sensitivity).


Monaco Pauline leather glove

The Monaco Pauline glove with touch is basic and matches almost everything. It is a wild accessory in winter! With touch, you can use your cell phone without removing your gloves (freezing winter is essential!). This model is available in red, black and blue.

Style Tip
Invest in polyester jackets with plush lining and long boots.


Monaco Caroline leather glove

The Monaco Caroline glove has buttons that give charm and elegance to the pret wear winter look. This model is available in beige, red and black.

Style Tip
Use the glove with other cold accessories, such as a stole or a scarf.

Monaco Albert leather glove

The Monaco Albert glove with touch is discreet and sophisticated and has two color options: brown and black. Being more sober, the piece goes well with various styles and can be combined with different types of clothing.

Style Tip
Combine with our winter jackets and stay warm in the cold, with style and comfort.


The Monaco Rainier glove is ideal for those looking for comfort and warmth in the cold. This piece matches just about everything!

Style Tip
This is a more stripped glove, despite the classic characteristic of leather, it is ideal to be used in a more adventurous look, combining with the Winter Explorer line .


Monaco Grace leather glove

The Monaco Grace leather glove is a luxurious accessory to wear in the winter. The natural bonanza satrangi  soft rabbit fur on the handles gives a charming touch to the garment. This model is available in beige and black.

Style Tip
Be inspired by the charm of the piece and invest in Italian wool coats and long boots.