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The high collar is there to exemplify the high and low of clothes in the world of catwalks.

The volume is up! Take advantage of the colder days to compose various looks with a turtleneck blouse!

Winter trends 2020
The catwalks and street fashion brought the volume as a highlight for the clothing trends that will be in stores for the winter of 2020.

For this reason, the high collar, puffed sleeve and even the famous shoulder pads gained space in the windows again.

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Looks with a turtleneck blouse: woman with hands on hips.
High collar is trend!
Blouses and coats with an elongated and bulky collar to protect the necks of men and rang rasiya  women from the cold were feverish in the 70s, in the 90s and are back with triumph in the looks of 2020.

The high collar is also known as rolê, turtleneck or cacharrel.

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High collar looks
High collar clothing protects the neck area from low temperatures, wind and rain.

The piece is ideal for cold days and to compose looks with overlays. Knitting is one of the most used fabrics due to the flexibility of the weave and the possibility of volume and to shape the height of the collar according to need.

how to include the trend in your looks!

Looks with high collar blouse: model with puffed sleeves blouse.
Undoubtedly, the combination of a blazer and a high-necked blouse is excellent for keeping warm and maintaining style with your work clothes.

Try to contrast the colors of the blouse inside with those of the blazer. Sober blazer, cool blouse, or vice versa. Monochromatic looks are also successful.

Denim overalls
The denim overalls was invented around 1890 by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis. It was designed to be uniform for field workers in the United States. This was also the origin of the jeans we currently use.

The jumpsuit has won the fashion world and is being renewed every season. The piece is alreadya darling of models and fashion bloggers. Try composing a denim overalls with a turtleneck top and your look will be a great retro choice without looking old.

That strapless dress that you love to wear in the summer can be the basis of the cold days look. Try wearing it with a long-sleeved blouse and a high collar underneath.

You may be slow to find the prints and textures that match, but the result is a super romantic and cool look, which can be completed with pantyhose.

Looks with a turtleneck blouse: model wearing a dress with tricot belt.

Long Skirt
It is possible to use the long skirt in all seasons, especially in Brazil. Imagine the lightness of a look with a high collar cold blouse and a long printed skirt, with a background color that matches the chosen blouse. Imagine? Now just get the parts in your closet!

Maxi sweater
In the cold season and the volume appreciation, the high collars are bigger and the sweaters are wider and longer. It’s called the oversized look

Thus, an oversized turtleneck sweater can be the complete look to wear as if it were a dress. The boot is perfect for finishing off the combination and enhancing the legs.

Extra tip: necklaces!
It is not because the neck will be covered by the high collar that necklaces cannot be worn! The trick is to wear it over your clothes. Fine necklaces with pendants are super welcome.

It is possible to dare a little and wear two necklaces of different lengths. Avoid the maxi necklace, it can carry the look, since the collar naturally draws attention.

Now that you have some ideas on how to rock the looks with a turtleneck blouse, we can change the subject a little. Do you think people are more stylish in the cold ? Yes? No? Read our post on the subject. You may be surprised!