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Yes, the Fall-Winter style novelties are making their comeback, but that is not a reason to leave the dapper colors of summer! With this new year, we’ve decided to set the pop trend at the center of our women’s collection… Intense colors, contrasting lines, a reinterpreted working-girl wardrobe, the pop style is a smart mix of couture allure, of glamor and graphics for an autumn under the sign of power and good humor. The way to switch your wardrobe to pop mode?
Checkered Milano lace coat
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This fall-winter, the 70s are making a comeback and taking over all wardrobes.

At Blancheportewe activate the nostalgia style and we succumb to the charm of this folk fad: a lady’s trend that highlights thick knits, fringes, checks, mix of patterns, suede… the new season in a welcome setting of sweetness. On the other hand, nuances of rust, caramel, pastels come on the scene… A complete panoply of harmonious and soft colors that reinforce the coaxing facet of the folk charm. Want to gather a folk ensemble? Stick to the help of our stylists.
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Fall-Winter fashion: we love the folk trend
The way to wear the pop appearance?bonanza satrangi
A little romantic, a little pastoral and sprinkled with a bit of mastered carelessness, the folk fashion is a ode to happiness and well-being. It combines a mix of gypsy and western influences with soft and silky materials: if we want to wear the folk seem in summertime, we love it more for fall-winter. Knitted sweaters, long bohemian skirts, suede elements, flattering ruffles, cultural printed designs: the sapphire online craze for girls has all the right points and seduces the nation girl hidden in us!
To embrace the trend, simply combine folk bits with more casual elements. For instance, a long plaid shirt will look sublime with a suedette jeggings plus a loop pile coat. Another route for a stylish ensemble: capitalize on a long printed skirt followed by a pastel chenille knit sweater. If you’re more dresses, choose a version with games of seductive ruffles! Finish your folk look with western-style boots and a fringed bag; and voila.
What is the pop trend?

Black croc effect boots The way to wear the folk seem in autumn-winter?

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What’s the folk fad?
Milanese check pinafore dress
Are you ready to adopt the folk trend? You understand everything!
The way to wear the people seem?
The pop trend is THE fashion style where colors and cuts make more sense than ever before. It is a powerful trend, full of personality and totally playful. There’s a working-girl side there however leave the total tailor look, too severe. The coats tailor take shape in comfortable mesh, the pants rights appear length 7 / 8th trendy, the apparel chasuble redraws… The design pop seduced by its contrasting lines and seductive side. Couture prints, checks and notably the Prince of Wales routine have been in vogue! The two flagship colors of pop design: vibrant red and emerald green.
How to wear the soda seem in autumn-winter?
To adopt the pop appearance, you can like opt for a colour block skirt in nishat linen¬†using a printed t-shirt plus a tailored coat. Another thought for a lady look pop trend plaid pants combined with a waistcoat in red net ultra soft terry. It is a look you’ll like to snuggle up ! You can even wager on a pinafore dress worn with a ribbed long-sleeved t-shirt: a comfy and dapper outfit which will catch eyes.
Are you ready to adopt the pop trend? You know everything!