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Selected itineraries and plays, today it’s time to follow a quick and practical plan so that you don’t miss a minute of the holiday.
For this, we made a modern bag, using minimalist skirts, functional tops and pants to win against the leg in style.
Abuse the accessories! They’ll be greater allies when it comes to putting together appearances for both day and night. Not to mention that the bijus occupy little space in the bag.

As well as the scarves, which become a blouse, sarong or belt.

There are individuals who spend the entire year counting the times to drop in revelry. However, there are also people who make the most of this date to enjoy a dolce far niente.
Practical hints on how to pack your luggage
Try and photograph the accessories and clothes . Possessing the combinations organized is a good method to optimize your time.
Sol da Serra
Our options include olive green, colors of fresh grass and trees that decorate the atmosphere of tranquility. Uncomplicated sobia nazir  dresses, soft blouses, overalls and trousers for quiet moments without giving up style.nishatlinen
Take items you enjoy which make you feel comfortable; We prepare smart recommendations to pack your travel luggage and enjoy the carnival your way, at the place you choose.
Our suitcase asks for light dresses, white blouses and skirts that play with the sea breeze. Pieces for an elegant after-beach, for evenings outdoors and afternoons for drinks by the sea.
Use imagination when creating your own productions. You don’t have to take many pieces to possess an awesome look to enjoy your day off.

Wild and versatile pieces go together and will be your best friends.

For people who want to climb the mountain to enjoy calm days, our proposal is a suitcase full of comfort and charm. After all, nothing tastes better than the heat of a state house. To appreciate walks in the woods, afternoons accompanied by a good book and a glass of wine to complete.
In the opposite course, in addition, there are those who cannot wait to take the sea route. In reality, this is a fantastic time to enjoy the vacant beaches and good walks from the sea. Thus, we consider light garments, with soft and fresh prints, as the times on the shore demand.
There are also those who prefer to take advantage of Carnival to draw an urban route. Take the contrary path of the blocks and nishatlinen become involved in cultural lifestyle. Not only catching up on movies in the cinema and seeing that display, but also enjoying dinners or with a drink with friends.
Ah, but the shore days got special care for your body. Especially because the target is to reach full until Ash Wednesday. Pay particular attention to the skin, hair, stay hydrated to the maximum and be sure to apply sunscreen. Appreciate the carnival to the fullest without neglecting yourself!